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Weston is a low-ranking CIA operative who happens upon the biggest mission of his career when a former high-ranking CIA agent Frost becomes his "house guest". It is only a matter of time before Weston realizes that there is a huge conspiracy going on and that no one is safe.
In Cape Town, South Aftica, rookie CIA agent Matt Weston is a safe house keeper and is in love with his French girlfriend Ana Moreau who does not know about his double life. When the most wanted rogue and former CIA agent Tobin Frost surrenders to the American Consulate to escape from an attack of dangerous soldiers of fortune, he is brought to the safe house to be interrogated by specialist Daniel Kiefer and his team. However there is a breach in the safe house and mercenaries break in the place expecting to capture Tobin Frost. Matt escapes with Tobin and he contacts the CIA senior management Harlan Whitford, David Barlow and Catherine Linklater that give instruction to Matt to reach another safe house. But Tobin warns Matt that there is an informer in the CIA and he shall not trust in anyone.
A couple of factors attracted me to this movie, CIA storyline, two actors that I liked, and good premise.<br/><br/>Was surprised on several levels though. The story was kind of choppy and predictable with the villains, and traitors subplots, and think they relied too much on the car chases and explosions when they had such great chemistry between the two main characters.<br/><br/>Denzel Washington done some great work over the years, and really was superb in this role. The surprising one to me was Ryan Reynolds, he was really really good, and expected him to be the good natured great looking pal he plays in most movies, but instead he really showed some real depth and feeling to his character.<br/><br/>You could almost see the character is his eyes, frustrated, under- utilized, but potential is there, and just needs a scenario to bring him out. Did like the way the building of the two main characters happened, Sam Shephard was also great but wish his role was a little more significant. <br/><br/>The cinematography was kind of distracting rather than enhancing, but still feel Ryan Reynolds finally showed his acting chops in this movie, and he is really really good.
Mild mannered Steve Harrigan, a TV talking head, underwent water-boarding on air. He should have been the protagonist, because junior spook Ryan Reynolds had a sissy fit when his organization decided to water-board rogue agent Denzel Washington.<br/><br/>&quot;Is this legal?&quot; Reynolds asked breathlessly, as the movie used camera angles, dramatic scene switches and shock-horror music, as if a government agency water-boarding an American perceived traitor were the same as beheading him.<br/><br/>This happened about ten minutes into the movie. I immediately stopped watching, weary of the agitprop prevalent in most movies, and more of the trivial Bush bashing. Pathetic.
Too often Washington is made to simply sit and observe – which is not a fatal mistake because he is such a good actor that even then he's worth watching. Worse, though, at times he's gone altogether. That's not the only flaw in the fairly straightforward thriller, but it's the biggest.
&quot;No church in the wild&quot; by Jay-Z &amp; Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean from the album &quot;Watch the Throne&quot;
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