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A mysterious black box spells danger to a con man and female detective.
His ex-wife asks the unsuccessful gambler and inventor Harrison for a small favor: to get her a parcel from a friend's apartment - without telling him what's in it. Suddenly he finds himself assaulted by villains and shortly after even under suspect of murder. The inexperienced P.I. Rachel is hired by an unknown party to rid him of the parcel - but soon befriends him. Together they try to figure out what kind of game is being played.
Pulling off the crime drama/rom-com/suspense mix is no easy task. This one, if given a chance, is not nearly as bad as the citation its often been given. The Squeeze was prototypical of others of its time, starting with the &quot;every guy&quot; who suddenly gets caught in the middle of corruption and intrigue, then spends 90+ minutes doing his best to stay one step ahead of, well, death. It would be very easy to find a lot of things to critique about &quot;Squeeze,&quot; as previous reviews have stated. But it also has a lot going for it.<br/><br/>Michael Keaton was a hot ticket at the time, and the character was a good fit for his on-screen strengths. Harry has that somewhat cocky exterior that thinly veils a very insecure, questioning inner self, often masked by not taking himself too seriously. Its been said Jenny Wright was originally to play Rachel, and no offense to her, but after seeing this its hard to imagine a better fit for the role than Rae Dawn. She quite naturally pulls off what too many female lead characters try more forcefully, yet less successfully, to do now; she&#39;s a great combination of adorable and feisty, fun-loving, yet tough. Sure, you check your brains at the door, knowing that in reality the leads should have been dead 10 times over. But what this film most has going for it is {1} decent, believable charisma between Keaton and Chong, and {2} genuinely likable lead characters – two things so often missing from today&#39;s movies. It has charm. It has a bit of a dark side without being overly profane or violent, so as to not take away from that charm. As a result, it keeps you interested.<br/><br/>This was a favorite from 3 decades ago I had forgotten about, until I stumbled upon it on late night telly recently. I&#39;m glad I did. If you&#39;re feeling nostalgic for films that had these aforementioned elements mostly missing today, and can track this one down, I think you will be too.
THE SQUEEZE is a pathetic excuse for a film, let alone a comedy. Michael Keaton stars with Rae Dawn Chong in this awful film about a guy who gets caught up in a crime rap of some sorts. People would rather go play in the park instead of watching this pure waste of celluloid. A wasted cast and a tedious script easily makes this one of the most worthless flops in cinema history.<br/><br/>0 out of 5

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